Hampus Poppius

Hampus Poppius

Hampus Poppius

Research areas

Industrial Organization, Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics.

Research description

I currently study vertical price restraints, which is when a manufacturer restricts the price that the retailer can charge. Under some circumstances, such restraints yield potential gains also for consumers. However, there also exist reasons for such restraints that are anti-competitive and harmful to consumers. I use data on prices listed online in Sweden to investigate the prevalence of price restraints and under what circumstances it these restraints seem to be used.

In a different study I investigate how music distractions drive consumer choice in a field experiment in fast-food restaurants. We find that distracted consumers buy less. In another study I test if schools are more likely to grade leniently when competition is fiercer.

I strongly believe empirical research, both for hypothesis testing but also for development of new theories. Therefore, I always strive to use state-of-the-art empirical methods and continuously study new techniques.