Niklas Rudholm

Niklas Rudholm

Niklas Rudholm

Research areas

Industrial organization, regional economics, firm dynamics and structural change.

Research description

My research is focused on trying to understand regional growth processes in retailing and related businesses, with a special focus on growth in productivity, firm turnover and employment. Some of my recent research questions are: What happens in incumbent retail firms when a highly productive big-box retailer enters a region? How are related industries like wholesaling or hotels and restaurants affected? Are there any differences in how existing businesses are affected, depending on how well-developed retail trade as an industry was in the entry regions prior to the big-box entry?

My research also focused on firm demography, investigating questions such as how do retail firms choose their location? If a retailer chooses to relocate, why do they do so? I am furthermore interested in retail firm dynamics and what factors determine firm startups and closures. What conditions are required for successful entrepreneurship?

My research is published in journals such as the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Industrial Economics, Transportation Research, parts A and D, Regional Studies and Industrial and Corporate Change, to name a few.