New dissertation: “Spatial organization of retail activities”

1 juni 2020

Helena Nilsson, PhD student at the Institute of Retail Economics (HFI) and Jönköping University, has successfully defended her dissertation "Spatial organization of retail activities". Opponent was Daniel Arribas-Bel, University of Liverpool. In the dissertation, Helena examines spatial processes in the location of the retail companies.

The dissertation contains four different papers. In the first paper (co-authored with Sven-Olov Daunfeldt, Oana Mihaescu and Niklas Rudholm), Helena examines the effect of a new IKEA store on retail sales and employment in the entry municipality and its neighboring municipalities, while she investigates the effect of an IKEA establishment for restaurants, retail firms and hotels located at different distances from the new IKEA store in paper two. In the third paper (co-authored with Johan Klaesson), Helena examines the correlation between establishment of shopping centers and the closure of stores. Finally, Helena examines how changes in proximity to grocery stores are related to changes in population density.

The dissertation can be downloaded here.

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