Özge Öner is joining our team at the Institute of Retail Economics!

25 april 2022

We are very happy to welcome Özge Öner to our team! Özge is an Associate Professor in Spatial Economics and Real Estate and a Fellow in Economics and Land Economy at Sydney Sussex College at the University of Cambridge.

Özge’s research is focused on migration, labour mobility, the microgeography of segregation and ethnic enclaves, retail and service geography, urban amenities, and the geography of entrepreneurship, and political geography. Among others, Özge has been awarded the 2015 Handelsbanken Wallander postdoctoral scholarship, the 2018 Young Investigator Award in Italy, and the 2019 Young Researcher Award by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum. In addition to her engagement in the academia and the research world, Özge writes monthly columns at Svenska Dagbladet.

“Özge has wide expertise in investigating the retail and service industries from several perspectives, including economics, economic geography, and urban and regional planning. With her knowledge, experience, skills, and creativity she will contribute to expanding our institute’s capacity to use research in order to create new knowledge about the most actual problems of today’s society and translate this knowledge into practice”, says Oana Mihaescu, Head of Research at the Institute of Retail Economics.

Keep an eye on our website for new projects coming ahead!

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